Happy Hollow Academy

''Where Learning Grows Taller Than Trees!''

Happy Hollow Preschool - Academically based, structured curriculum

Educators and psychologists agree that between the years of birth and five, children develop, learn , and grow more than they ever will again during any other time in their lives. To make the most of these years , your child's preschool experience has been carefully planned.

Our preschool program is designed to develop basic concepts, attitudes, and skills as well as make the most out of each child's ability to create. Remembering, that at all times, the child's self esteem and confidence are of the highest importance. Independence and the ability to use independence wisely are major goals for each child. It is recognized that the child's play is his/her major vehicle for learning. Since children learn by doing, they are best able to aquire the self confidence and the physical and mental skills necessary for all later learning through the concrete experience of structured play.

Our preschool curriculum is a readiness program for kinder teaching all readiness skills including, letter and number recognition, phonics, sequencing, patterning, classification, visual discrimination, fine motor, gross motor, seriation, predicting outcomes, size relationships, as well as days of the week, months of the year, and the pledge of allegiance, to name a few.

The children have three assessments a year, and take home a completed portfolio each year at graduation.


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